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Stories Behind the Grind

Apr 20, 2020

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to the conversation with Carrie co-founder of Tandem Consulting.
Carrie's lifestyle has afforded both her and her husband and to be full-time stay at home parents by choice & part-time entrepreneurs.  
What started out as side hustles, & an adventure into the world of entrepreneurship has enabled Carrie to speak to tens of thousands of people annually through keynotes in the U.S., Caribbean, Australian & European markets over the last 14 years.
We discuss what professionals should do when creating a side-gig and the major blockers to overcome, the key difference between being self-employed and running a business and how to keep an open mind to continually grow.
Also discover
How Carrie transitioned from being an athlete to entrepreneur
Key factors that has helped Carrie scale her business
Changing and shifting the self-employed mindset
Major blockers for professionals who want to start their side hustles
How to keep on track and move past the criticism of others. 
What is commonly overlooked that reduces your teams morale
The number one personal development and leadership platform
Carrie's advice for professionals who are raising a family and would like to have a side hustle and be in control of their future
Using adventure in your day-to-day life
On starting a non-profit organization
Leaving a legacy
Carrie's definition of the grind
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