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Stories Behind the Grind

Oct 14, 2019

On this episode of stories behind the grind listen to my conversation with Renat, founder of Prometheus and Lifestyle engineering, we discuss how to start building compounding habits, how to remain on top of your game and accelerating personal growth through the ADI method.

We discuss:

Renat's life mission of eradicating suffering and increasing quality of life
Dealing with higher order problems
How Renat found his life's mission
Future technologies that Renat is excited about
The benefits of information fasting
Why micro-habits are more beneficial than big changes 
What results Renat has experienced from using micro-habits
Why having small quick wins are critical to realise ambition
The impact of environment on performance
Advice to those who want to stay at the top level to maximise their ambitions
How to be brave and have a warrior mindset
Engineering frameworks useful for personal growth
Renat's definition of the grind
Renat's life manifesto
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Renat on LinkedIn -

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