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Stories Behind the Grind

Feb 24, 2020

This episode is the second part of a special 3-part series on the future of work and I talked to Tim Walmsley of BenchOn and Damian Walsh of Sidekicker.
We focus on individuals and what they can do right now to make the most of the Future of Work
BenchOn and Sidekicker are both platforms that deal with the workforce of the future and enables individuals to harness their skillsets to adapt to industry changes.
BenchOn is an online platform that matches a business's idle staff to short-term contracts from reputable companies and government agencies. Sidekicker is an online staffing platform that instantly connects businesses with pre-qualified skilled staff.
Damian's background and what attracted him to be part of Sidekicker
Navigating the difference between new world and old world thinking
What separates a good business from a great business
Overview of the gig economy
What the future of work looks like
Being part of the contingent workforce
The role age plays in terms of job security and stability
Why the future of work is all about personal choice
How to differentiate your business and attract top talent
What is integrated talent and how to make the most of them
The growth of the hybrid job
The move to higher transparency and what it means when hiring staff
How to maximise your capability
The key habit of the future of work
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BenchOn -