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Stories Behind the Grind

Feb 10, 2020

In this part 1 of a special 3-part series on the future of work, I talked to Tim Walmsley of BenchOn and Justin Falk of TalentVine. BenchOn and TalentVine are bot platforms designed for the workforce of the future. Both enable businesses (both large and small) to take advantage of future changes in the workforce.
BenchOn is an online platform that matches a business's idle staff to short-term contracts from reputable companies and government agencies. 
TalentVine provides employers and recruiters with the clarity and confidence to make better hiring decisions on the critical roles within their organisations.
How TalentVine began
The story behind starting BenchOn
What the future of work looks like and what opportunities will it bring
Are the fears surrounding AI and automation rightly founded?
The effect of automation on people
How to work like a human 
How business owners can communicate change more effectively to their employees
Should people look to take on more specialised roles?
What small business owners should be excited about?
What stops large organizations being agile and how to counteract it
What businesses can do to prepare themselves for the Future of Work
BenchOn -
TalentVine -
2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report -

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