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Stories Behind the Grind

Nov 25, 2019

Aaron activates and enhances community ecosystems and organisations by developing the human capital and talent for high performance, enabling them to grow high-performing teams, who in-turn build high growth ventures.

Aaron’s background includes over two decades as a successful startup founder and ecosystem community leader, culminating as the 2016 Entrepreneur Of The Year, plus more recently as a public speaker, hackathon facilitator, corporate innovation advisor, cultural-transformation leader, board member, investor, mentor, and adventure-preneur.

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Aaron Birkby, CEO of Startup Catalyst and founder or Peak Persona.

We do a deep dive into shiny object syndrome, how to deal with follow through, managing shiny object tendencies in your team like Facebook and Adobe does, why motivation is broken and what is the antidote and how to ensure there is a cultural alignment in your team.

I hope you get as much value out of this episode as I did.

Part 1 with Aaron Birkby:

Episode 38 Defining Culture and Improving Founder Mental Health with Aaron Birkby -
Peak Persona -  

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