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Stories Behind the Grind

Aug 18, 2020

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Karan, director of Monitor Deloitte. We discuss the 5 key strategic questions every business owners should ask, how to approach problem solving and finding the core problem and how to develop your own strategic thinking.
Also discover:
How Karan's deeper understanding of identity led him to strategy consulting
The impact of Karan's work in the community
The story they (YSPN) want to tell in Australia and the legacy they want to leave behind
The crossover between what Karan has done in his network to their own business
Fundamentals of Deloitte's approach to strategy
Karan's way of consulting with clients
Strategic cascade of choices
What winning aspiration is
Where you would play
How you will win
The distinctive capabilities for you to win
What management systems are
On strategy being a tool for problem-solving and choice making
Importance of employee engagement, employee morale, and better outcomes
How business owners should approach strategy and strategic thinking in their business using the 5 strategic questions
The thing you said you are going to do versus the thing you are actually doing
Breaking down problems
Challenges Karan's clients have to overcome when undergoing the problem-solving process
What business owners can do to start their own strategic thinking
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Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin -
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategy -
Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter -
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