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Stories Behind the Grind

Jun 8, 2020

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, you'll hear from Social Media marketing expert Mireille who is the CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institue.
We discuss how to break through to you ideal audience, how to resonate with your followers and what the future of Social Media looks like.
Also learn
How Mireille grew her fitness business internationally with social media
How Mireille transitioned from fitness to social media marketing 
Leveraging your ability to talk to your ideal audience through social media marketing
Building your network through social media and understanding your demographic and its characteristics
Mireille's recommendation when tackling two different demographics in your business
Boosting your social media audience engagement
The future of social media
How to build relationship with your audience
Importance of stories in your marketing messages
Mireille's definition of the Grind.
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