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Stories Behind the Grind

Apr 6, 2020

On this episode of stories behind the grind, listen to my conversation with Josh Lewis, founder of Dorks delivered, one of Australia's fastest growing IT companies.
We discuss how to stop trading time for money, whether to build your brand or build your business first and how to start automating your business whether you're well established, or just starting out. 
Also discover
What approach Josh used to begin being an entrepreneur at a young age (and still uses it to this day)
The key lessons Josh learned from his parents that you can apply in your business
How a focus on automation can change the way you focus on problem solving
How to transition from time-based to a results based offering 
How Dorks Delivered has flipped the traditional IT provider business model
What you can do to start automating your business
How to transition from an Entrepreneur to a CEO
3 key mindset shifts that will change the way you look at the world and your business
How to know who to serve 
Why it's critical to refine your message and why competing on price is the quickest way to exit your industry
Josh's definition of the grind
Podcast link:  Business Built Freedom
YouTube Channel link: Dorks Delivered 

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