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Stories Behind the Grind

Jan 6, 2020

After a full collapse of his paraglider 300 feet above the ocean, David sees life differently. He has been best described as “playful and deep,” and believes life is the best game there is.
David left life as a consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies, to build the world’s largest coaching business, becoming #1 on Google for life coaching and serving 150,000 coaches around the world.
He now coaches high performing entrepreneurs, executives and teams to play the best game they possibly can, deepening connection and living a regret-free life. How? By increasing their levels of Truth, Daring, and Caring.
On this episode of we talk about what a tough conversation actually is, why we avoid having them and how to set one up to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of having one.
Also discover
How David got into coaching and consulting
David's deep insights on his journey during the early years
What a tough conversation is
How to have tough conversations
Why people avoid tough conversations
The 4-Step Tough Conversations Blueprint
Advice to those who experience difficulties when having tough conversations
What to keep in mind before you have a tough conversation.
David's grand vision for helping teams and businesses thrive through tough conversations
David's definition of the grind
Play for Real -
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