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Stories Behind the Grind

Dec 9, 2019

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Eleanor Carey, a two times world record holder having rowed 5,000km across the Pacific Ocean and cycled over 3,000km across England.

We discuss overcoming other people's expectations and judgement, what to look for in a support network, how to keep going when you're physically depleted and lessons learnt from running her own startup hub.

What Eleanor learned about resilience in preparing for and completing 2 World Records
Where Eleanor's mindset developed from
What was growing up like for Eleanor
The 2 core learning styles that underpins Eleanor's success 
Common regrets of the elderly
How to overcome the expectations from others
Similarities between the long adventures Eleanor has been on and running a business
Current state of being an entrepreneur
How you can consistently keep showing up when you're physically depleted
Eleanor's meditation practice
Exposing yourself to unknown situations
Eleanor's definition of the grind
Cycling Home From Siberia by Rob Lilwall -
Losing Sight of Shore -
Eleanor on Instagram -
Why row an ocean -