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Stories Behind the Grind

Nov 11, 2019

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Adam Houlahan, founder of Prominence Global and a true leader when it comes to LinkedIn. We discuss what microniching and why it's so important, the fundamentals of creating high quality content, and how to optimise your time to build your prominence on LinkedIn
Also discover:
Adam’s pivotal moments that led him to where he is today
Dealing with the naysayers during the early days of LinkedIn
Significant changes in the LinkedIn platform
How people can break through the noise 
Building prominence on LinkedIn
How to use LinkedIn effectively
What micro niching is
What’s holding people back from doing micro niching
Biggest lesson Adam learned while communicating on LinkedIn
How a partnership with B1G1 has boosted Adam's social impact
Adam's definition of the grind

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