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Stories Behind the Grind

Oct 28, 2019

On this episode of Stories Behind The Grind, listen to my conversation with Dr. Karen Sutherland, who currently leads the social media and public relations disciplines at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and brings with her over 20 years marketing experience.
We discuss how to build trust and integrity in your business to develop long term customer relationships, how to best deal with negative feedback from online and in person reviews, and how to build engagement with your audience
Also discover:
How Karen started into marketing
Marketing lessons Karen learned form working with social enterprises 
Importance of authenticity and knowing the brand's story for small business owners
Karen's advice to those who struggle to put themselves out there and communicate their story
How to build engagement
How to Break through the noise
On building relationships vs selling
Building trust with the people you work with
Thoughts on social media as we head into 2020
How to respond when your business is being attacked by a competitor or a disgruntled customer who left negative feedback
How best to Manage feedback
Karen's definition of the grind
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