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Stories Behind the Grind

Apr 16, 2019

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Joe Betesh, founder of Betesh media. Joe has previously consulted to the Fortune 500. We discuss, the best equipment for creating content, the one lesson that has really impacted Joe’s way of thinking and why now is the best time to start.

Also discover

Why Joe never considered himself an entrepreneur

Similarities between what Joe is doing now and what his father did

What Joe learned from his father while growing up

How an internship in New York City led to a passion of technology

Why Joe wanted to start a tech company

The tactic Joe used to gain clients rapidly

Realisations Joe had working in a Venture Capital environment

How Joe expanded from web design to a full-service marketing agency

Joe’s guiding principle on skill development 

Being creative with the client's budget

Having a vision and north star and what stands in between you and your Vision

What social media platforms should businesses be on

Using personal stories to build up personal brand for businesses

Tips on creating content regularly

Recent lesson Joe learned that he applies daily in his business

Joe’s definition of the grind

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