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Stories Behind the Grind

Nov 25, 2018

On this episode listen to my conversation with Melissa Forziat, a small business marketing coach and event manager with international experience in event and brand management.

Through her experiences with the biggest brands in the world, Melissa has learned the principles of building a brand, creating a marketing message, and reaching the right target markets.

Access The Guide To Building Your Business Brand And Reaching Your Target Market


Melissa's backstory and how she came to specialise in small business marketing

How Melissa accidentally started her business

How Melissa approaches her clients

Is Marketing the same as Sales?

Why businesses need to have an effective marketing strategy

Melissa's principles in terms of building a business brand 

What's involved when building a high functioning marketing funnel

Roadblocks Melissa encountered while helping her clients

How Melissa balances her Business

How Melissa contributes back to the economy

Creating opportunities for ourselves 

What Melissa's definition of grind is


A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Brand and Reaching Your Target Market

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