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Stories Behind the Grind

Apr 9, 2019

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Zach Smith, co-founder and CEO of Funded Today. We discuss how Funded Today raised  over $250m in funds for over 2,500 businesses, why letting go was one of the best decisions Zach made and how to retain company culture across a digital workforce.

Also discover

Where the idea for Funded Today started

The hardest thing Zach learned to do that accelerated the growth of Funded Today

What Zach would have done if he could do it all over again

How to build great company culture without having a traditional office

Replicating the water cooler effect in a remote business model
What it takes to be an entrepreneur

Dealing with the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship

Why you should step back and let your staff step forward

What you need to have a successful crowdfunding campaign

How business owners start to build their own compelling story

Where Zach’s  interest in entrepreneurship stems from

How to stay focused and driven

How to understand your why and who

How Zach manages to consistently achieve his goals

Zach definition of the grind


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